SatGuiBox is the next generation of satellite finder developed for iDirect VSAT modems. It combines the functions of a traditional satellite meter with remote monitoring tools. Easily configured with a graphical user interface gives the user an insight to modem operation. Fault finding on the iDirect VSAT modem can be done quicker from the one interface. Using the modem as the receiver, SatGuiBox eliminates the need to unplug RF cables to diagnose problems.

Developed and tested extensively in the field by experienced install techs, it gives you the data you want to see without the hassle of a laptop.


  • Rx Power & SNR – Receive (Rx) signal power and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) (dB) are continually graphed over a rolling display. Point the antenna easily.
  • Remote Monitoring – The unit does not have to be located next to the VSAT rack or equipment. Locate it on your desk where it’s warm or cool. (Where your coffee is 🙂 PoE, USB or DC powered.
    No Battery’s – but we do have a work around!
  • Positive Modem Lock – Don’t waste time trying to peak the antenna on the wrong satellite, you get a positive lock because the modem knows what it wants.
  • Site Restore / Provider Change – If a modem has been out of the network, no option file, or there has been carrier changes,  you can change the receive frequency and symbol rate to achieve network lock.
    The network operator can now “push” new settings and restore services.
  • Automatic Beam Switching (ABS) – Switch beams directly from the SatGuiBox.
  • PoE, USB or DC power – Simply connect the box to a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch port or DC from USB or alternative supply.
  • OptionsPass – SatGuiBox can be configured to grab all details from the modem. No need to give out passwords or IP’s.
  • DCHP or Static IP Address – Easy to configure IP addresses with the touch screen menu.
  • Weather resistant – More drizzle resistant. Want to take it outside, we can handle a bit of water. Better than your laptop or spectrum analyzer getting wet!
  • Touch Screen – A full colour touch display that still works if you are wearing gloves, handy for those working in PPE.
  • GPS Display – Get the latest GPS position to keep track of your mobile VSAT terminals.
  • TAC Mode – Switch the display to tactical mode at night to protect your night vision.
  • Field Engineered – Extensively tested on iDirect X3, X5 and X7 running all versions of Falcon based firmware.
  • Bug Bounty – Find a bug and get cool street cred!

Other handy features added as we dream them up!